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The Catholic Church believes and teaches that marriage is a sacrament, a symbol of the love of Jesus Christ for his people, the church.  As a sacrament, marriage is also a covenant by which a man and a woman establish a partnership of the whole of life.  Marriage is also ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of children.  It is meant to be a life-long commitment, until death.
Marriage Preparation should begin no less than 6 months prior to a planned wedding date based upon Diocesan Guidelines.

Who can marry at saint fabian catholic church?

Can a couple get married at Saint Fabian  if they are not members of the parish?
Yes. Father Tommy will need to give approval.

Can a couple get married in the Catholic Church if one of them is not Catholic?
Yes. A Catholic or a non baptized individual  can marry another baptized Christian. The Church recognizes baptisms from other Christian denominations. It also recognizes the marriage between any two baptized individuals whether they were Catholic at the time of the marriage. The participation of the non-Catholic partner’s minister is permitted and encouraged.

Can a couple get married in the Catholic Church if one has been divorced?
Yes. The previous marriage has to be declared null/invalid by the Catholic Church or death of a former spouse.

Can a couple get married in the Catholic Church if both have not been confirmed?
Yes. Canon law does not require that a Catholic be confirmed to be married but is encouraged.

Can a couple get married in the Catholic Church if they live together before marriage?
Cohabitation, in and of itself is not an impediment to marriage  -  nor is premarital sex. Premarital sex is a sin and participating in the sacrament of reconciliation is strongly encouraged in the preparation of Matrimony.

Requirements for Marrying in the Catholic Church

Approval from the Priest
Both members of the parish and non-members of the parish should speak to Father Tommy and select a wedding date.

The Interview/Meeting
The first step in preparation of the Marriage Sacrament is to schedule a meeting with Father Tommy.

Marriage Preparation Training
Couples will need to enroll in a marriage preparation program that is required by the pastor or diocese. There will be different options available such as day-long or weekend-long retreats, meetings with and without engaged couples over a period of several weeks.

Forms Needed
Baptismal records should be sent to the parish as soon as possible. If one or both have been married before, a Decree of Nullity indicating an annulment should be supplied to the parish.

Wedding Planner
The parish wedding planner will help to plan the wedding. Father Tommy will provide this information at the first meeting.

Preparing for the Wedding

Selecting a Date
The wedding dates should be selected with Father Tommy to ensure a smooth process. The date selection should be completed at least six months prior to the event.

Marriage Preparation Training
The parish has a responsibility to assist couples in the preparation and understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage. Information and guidelines are available to help with the preparation. Options include day-long or weekend-long retreats or meetings with or without  other engaged couples over several weeks

Weekend Retreats
New Orleans

Father Tommy has information for in town preparation classes, if available.

Wedding Celebrants
The wedding ceremony may be performed by priests from other parishes.

Many weddings in the Catholic Church are mixed marriages where the couples have two different faiths. The minister of the non-Catholic party is welcome to participate in the wedding ceremony. The priest and minister share the responsibilities of the actual ceremony. Father Tommy will extend an invitation to the co-celebrant minister.

Ceremony Planning
Couples are responsible for the arrangement of music for the wedding ceremony. Nontraditional music/songs must be approved by the priest. We encourage using parish organists and choir directors when possible.

Candles are traditional in the wedding ceremony and as decorative additions. All candles should be inside of a globe, with the exception of the unity candle.

The office should be informed if the couple plans on donating the flowers for weekend Masses.  Please send an email to or contact Pam Dalme 601-466-2167. All floral arrangements that are not being left for subsequent Masses must be removed from the sanctuary immediately following the ceremony.

It is customary for the couple to give a stipend or donation to the priest performing the wedding ceremony. This is done to show appreciation for his guidance throughout the marriage preparation process and wedding ceremony.  

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