Ministry leaders


Lamar & Shelley Jackson

Adult bible study

Pearl Nelson

altar servers

Amanda Duplessy

sacristy / Altar Society

Pam Dalme

children's church

Kristen Spruill & Kaitlen Schexnayder

Director of religious education

Ann Norwood
Amanda Bailey

eucharistic ministers

Will Delancy

facility management

Feasting with Father

Rhonda Irizarry

forming intentional disciples

Lamar & Shelley Jackson

hospitality hosts

Bonnie Nicholson

lectors & commentators

Amanda Bailey

Men's Group

Joseph Parker, Jr.

music & Choir

Kerrin Hightower

newsletters & bulletins

Elizabeth Shoemake & Judy Liaw

Social Events

Rhonda Irizarry & Jill Jordan

social services

Audra Delancy

Sound & Livestreaming

Nancy Farris


Mary Norval

Volunteer Coordinator

Nancy Farris


Serena Buckley

General Information / Bookkeeping / On-Site Scheduling

Brandy Weyenberg