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For Christians, the Sacrament of Baptism represents the first step in a lifelong journey of discipleship. Whether baptizing infants or adults, the Church celebrates the tender embrace of Christ who commanded His disciples to preach the Gospel to all nations and baptize those who embrace the Gospel.
The Church sees Baptism as the first important step on the Christian journey. On the day your child was born, he/she was welcomed into their family. On the day of Baptism, they are welcomed into the bigger family of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In Baptism we enter into a unique and special relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, and we try to live out that relationship in and through the people around us. Or put another way, in Baptism we become:
  • A son/daughter of God the Father
  • A brother/sister of Jesus Christ
  • A temple of the Holy Spirit
  • A member of God’s family, the Church

for information regarding baptisms please contact the church office
601-467-5620  monday - friday 9:00am - 5:00pm