Social Services


August 30, 2021
St Fabian has some Parishioners with family in the Kraemer area right outside Thibodaux.  We are establishing a drop off location to deliver supplies to this devastated area.  We will be accepting donations in the Maintenance building at St Fabian from 1-6pm beginning today.  
For clean up - Bleach, gloves, garbage bags, shovels, heavy duty brooms, wheel barrows. 
Personal Items - diapers, baby wipes, baby formula, tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, deodorant, toilet paper 
Food & Drink - Bottled water, canned food, can openers, peanut butter, non-perishable food. 
Since we were spared from the damage, please consider donating your unused items to this disaster relief opportunity.  
We are also in need of trucks and covered trailers to help transport.  Please call 610-620-8088 or 601-310-9294 if you can assist in that area.  
Thank you in advance for your support and will post updates as we obtain them.

What ITs about

1 Corinthians 16:13

St. Fabian's Catholic Social Services fulfills the social teachings of the Catholic Church through our efforts to mend the holes in society’s safety net, alleviate suffering, and promote social change by meeting basic human needs and offering thoughtful opportunities for life-changing growth.